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  1. Have water hose and power supply ready to go on site, and large cooling tubs for poultry. Ensure hoses are thawed and operating in colder seasons.

  2. Separate and/or mark your animals.Keep them contained and accessible, close to the processing area.

  3. Have tractor equipment (for beef) and clean empty truck bed (for beef, pork, sheep and goats) ready to be loaded for you to deliver carcasses to butchers promptly.

  4. Have cash payment on hand, and calculate your fees ahead of time.

  5. Prepare a site, or plan for the intestines you will have to dispose of.


The Killbillies DO NOT: half, scald, cut, wrap or deliver meat to butchers, and can not dispose of intestines.

Service’s include: Slaughter, gutting, skinning and or plucking. Larger animal can/will be wrapped in clean cotton linens and loaded into your vehicle.

You are responsible for booking your cut & wrap service with a local shop, and providing timely transportation of the carcasses to the shop.

*** Wait-time fees (billable at $50/ hour) will apply if the Killbillies are standing around your farm waiting on you to; arrive, arrange tractors or transport, round up animals,  and / or a run for cash! So please plan ahead and be prepared for a quick and efficient processing day.